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OIL PAINTING LARGE DUTCH 19th Century Fine Quality Piece

OIL PAINTING LARGE DUTCH 19th Century Fine Quality Piece

Oil Painting Ref 110358


Good Condition Panel but very old (see picture).


Cleaned & re-vanished ,Ready to hang. " frame is in wonderful condition. see pictures


Fine Original Antique 19th Century DUTCH OLD MASTER OIL PAINTING




By  Similar $20,000

Premier Collection


Description ( Mid 19th century )


Title: Cow scene


Artist: ALBERTUS VERHOESEN Dutch 1806-1881


Signed : unsigned Note; Is the painting signed - it always helps if it is ,REMEMBER before c. 1860 it was more common than not for artistsNOT to sign there works ,you where mean't to know who the artistwas by the style /hand , but this has been lost over don't be put off if its an early work you are viewing with no signature .


Provenance: john castagno art signature directory


Medium : Oil painting on Panel


Condition: Good Country: Dutch school


Frame size : 32.5 in x 26.5 in( 83 cm x 67 cm)


Wood Panel size : 25" x 18.5"

Description : 


ALBERTUS VERHOESENDutch 1806-1881The depiction of farmyard animals has had one of the longest traditions in both Dutch and Flemish art, however, it was not until the 19thcentury that it achieved widespread popularity. With the Industrial Revolution under way and an ever-increasing population in the cities, wealthy patrons longed for images of the life in the unspoilt countryside and there were many artists happy to fill the need and in Holland, Albertus Verhoesen was one of them.Born in Utrecht in 1806, Verhoesen received his formal training in the studios of Bruno van Straaten, Jan van Ravenzway, Pieter van Os and Barend Koekkoek. Each of these artists had an influence on his style, but his choice of subject matter was greatly inspired by Van Os, whose artistic family was among the most influential during the 19th century. Like his master, VerhoesenClick Image to Enlargechose to paint rural landscapes often focusing in on a small group of animals. This beautifully executed pair of panels, with the grouping of hens, cockrels and chickens, set against a landscape illustrate the fine quality and composition of Verhoesen’s work. He continued to paint these small, intimate paintings until his death in 1881.Today, examples of Verhoesen’s work can be seen in the museums of Harlem and Utrecht.

With an estimate of £5000 - £8000 in a London west end Gallery

beautiful original gold gilt frame








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