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OLD FINE Original Antique 19th Century British OLD MASTER OIL PAINTING

OLD FINE Original Antique 19th Century British OLD MASTER OIL PAINTING



Very Good Condition Canvas. 

Professional Cleaned

& Re-vanished , Re-lined

Ready to hang. "

Beautiful frame is in Very Good  condition ,

this work alone would cost £700 alone

 (See Pictures)


Fine Original Antique 19th Century British


By  The Reverend Robert Woodley-Brown 1798 - 1869 

Similar $4,000 Premier Collection

This Piece is Exceptional good for its age , nice piece of British history




( 19th century )


Title: Romantic Scene 1845
Artist:  The Reverend Robert Woodley-Brown 1798 - 1869


Signed : maybe under the frame edge

Provenance: john castagno art
signature directory
Medium : Oil painting on Canvas
Condition: Very Good
Country: British school
Frame size : 23 in x 19 in
( 58 cm x 48 cm)
Canvas size : 16" x 12"

With an estimate of £3000 - £4000 in a london west End Gallery


Description :  The Reverend Robert Woodley-Brown was one of those early English landscape painters whose style is so distinct that it is nearly impossible not to be able to instantly recognize his work. This one is no exception.; His paintings remind me of the old movie, “Shangri-La,” where the travelers found a magical place while crossing the Himalayas. The Reverend’s paintings have that kind of magic in them; perhaps it’s his rich color palette or his slightly provincial, yet very Georgian style. It seems there are always pretty skies along with mountains in the background and rivers or lochs somewhere in his compositions. In any case, the result is still pure magic.; This is an accomplished yet charming painting by an artist thought to be actively painting from around 1810 to 1850 and specializing in the stunning scenery of England’s Lake District. Unfortunately, little is known about Reverend Brown’s personal life, and he did not sign most of his works. I have handled several of his paintings in the course of my career and he always has been among my favorite artists.; This gorgeous landscape delivers all of Reverend Woodley-Brown’s quintessential style, color and romantic feel for which his work is admired. His figures, though seemingly entranced themselves by the beauty around them, are there primarily to give scale and a focal point. The trees are in deep, rich greens, while the pink-tinged sky further show off his talent in the realm of color. We are immediately pulled into the artist’s world. The serenity of the scene, as in all of his works, is overwhelming, making the viewer a willing partner in the artist’s interpretation of it. The very Woodley-Brownish romantic folly only adds to the scene’s charm.; In the world of Reverend Brown, his cottages often became follies shrouded in greenery. The background mountains rose well above the water, while his idyllic skies were beautifully rendered in pinks, lavenders, blues and grays. The romantic elements were lovingly entwined to create a perfect landscape that existed more in his imagination that most likely in reality. In this sense, this landscape is very much a quintessential Woodley Brown landscape. He carefully and consistently shows us his imagination and talent. The trees are painted in great detail, with light shimmering on the leaves. The stone folly is lit up by the last rays of the sun. His figures are nonessential; I believe he puts them in mainly for scale and to allow one to think that his landscapes are real and habitable. His beautiful color choices always harmonize well, and provide the dreamlike impression that he was so fond of painting.;









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